Monday, November 15, 2010


by Ellis

Monkey hanging off from the ceiling, the loft/ And monkey hanging down from the tree/ Monkey hanging everywhere a monkey can hang/ And monkey copy everything she see

Woah, 31 weeks already?  But, we were just into the 3rd trimester!  In the last few weeks, I guess the Bean has been making herself known, because more parents at school (and more kiddos) have been congratulating me in the hallway - I guess I no longer look like I went hog-wild at a cheesecake buffet!  Actually, the funniest reaction I've had so far wasn't even directly to me - I saw some former students at a Halloween party at school, and they went to another teacher to ask if I was pregnant (because it would be embarrassing to ask me themselves).  I'll have to tease them the next time they're visiting.

LB and I have been painting the "library" (a previously unfinished room off of the basement) in preparation for moving our old entertainment unit out of the Bean's room.  Once that's done, we'll be ready to assemble the crib (which we still need to varnish...), and the dresser and nightstand.  LB surprised me last weekend by coming home with the dresser and nightstand as a present for the Bean.  It will be so exciting to see it all set up for her!

Today was our next midwife appointment.  Because I don't have enough to worry about, the last few days I've been hoping that my latest cold wouldn't cause any problems - I know that congestion shouldn't be an issue (it's not as if the Bean is being kept up by my snoring and sniffling), but I keep worrying that it will cause some kind of spiraling effect of I'm-not-sure-what.  For me, as long as she's moving well I'm not worried, and she is moving CONSTANTLY :)  Luckily, the midwife wasn't worried about anything, and the Bean is measuring well.

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