Alphabet Soup

AKA "What are all these acronyms?"

If you're new to this TTC adventure, here are some acronyms from the blog:

2WW = two week wait, that time after ovulation but before you can know if you're pregnant
AHI = at home insemination
BBT = basal body temperature, the temperature immediately up on waking, without moving around or feeding the pets (much to their dismay)
BFN = big fat negative, a negative pregnancy test
BFP = big fat positive, a positive pregnancy test (haven't used this one yet, admittedly)
EWCM = "egg white" cervical mucus, the most fertile type (basically, a big flashing green light!)
HPT = home pregnancy test
OPK = ovulation predictor kit
POAS = pee on a stick, taking a pregnancy test
TTC = trying to conceive