Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Need A Nap

I Need A Nap
"Weird Al" Yankovic and Kate Winslet 

I'm so tired of this day/ And I don't want to play/ And I don't want a story to read/ But I look in your eyes/ And at once realize/ Now I know what it is/ Yes, I know what it is/ Yes I know what it is that I need/ I need a nap!

I've been writing this entry in my head for three days now, but every time I think I have the time to sit down and type it, I realize I could use the same time to lay down in Bean's room and take a nap.  And so I do, and the blog goes unloved. 

If I could only set up a system by which my dreams automatically typed themselves into blogger, I could kill two birds with one stone.  Because, let me tell you, my dreams have outdone themselves in vivid detail and wacky story lines lately.  From wild adventures crossing skateboarding and baby buggies, to the dream where I had to fit an infinite number of students onto a very finite (and inadequate) number of risers for a performance, it's been nothing but grade-A entertainment every day and night around here.  My favorite, though, has to be the dream in which every female in my family showed up to our baby shower, all very pregnant, and my sister then gave birth and DIED in the middle of the proceedings.

Whoo-boy.  I think it's time for another lie-down.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle

The Ballad of Gilligans' Isle
Five passengers set sail that day,/ For a three hour tour, a three hour tour./ The weather started getting rough,/ The tiny ship was tossed,/ If not for the courage of the fearless crew,/ The Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost.

Because I'm a public school music teacher, my schedule only takes up 4 of the 5-day work week, and this year I have Thursdays off.  Typically, this means I have a host of errands to run on Thursdays, from planting and lawn mowing to delivering packages to the post office and taking the dog on a long, draining walk.  Today started off no different, with the added component of needing to input the accompaniment of 5 choir pieces into my computer for the concert on Monday.  Basically, it was going to be a busy, busy day "off".  The morning was basically as planned, granted, I got off to a slow start, but that's the way it goes around here these days.  After showering, Olive (pug) and I set off on our long walk around the hill.  Two hours later, with my stomach loudly protesting the lack of snacks on our adventure, we returned, and I warmed up some leftover dal and rice (which seem to be some of the only foods that consistently sound good to my stomach these days).  After lunch, i was exhausted, and decided to take a quick nap before mowing the lawn and inputting the songs. 

Three hours later...

LB walks in the door, home from work, and my first response is "Is it really that late?!?"

Yup, it was.  So, it looks like my weekend has scheduled itself, and I'll be heading to the post office tomorrow, and getting the accompaniments ready in between dinner with friends and an engagement party for a high-school chum.  Woo-hoo!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Having A Baby

Were having a baby, my baby and me/ You'll read it in Winchell's/ That we're adding a limb to our family tree/ We're pushing our carriage/ How proud I will be/ There's nothing like marriage/ Ask your mother and father and they'll agree

Big week/weekend in the purple house!  On Thursday, LB and I went to our first OB appointment, and got to see the Bean!

The Dr. was very nice and tried to
make the ultrasound wand as comfortable as possible, but I have to admit, I was distracted from looking at the heartbeat by the contortions of the wand.  Luckily, LB was there to ask the questions and grin wildly at the heartbeat.

Of course, with the ultrasound pictures in our hot little hands, we had to go share the news with family.  Telling LB's parents nearly didn't happen, as her mom was trying really hard to head out on a run with the neighbors!  I finally got her attention and told LB to tell her (LB's dad was in the room, too).  She didn't quite believe the news at first, but having the pictures definitely helped (good choice to wait until we had the u/s to tell the family).  The neighbor she was running with is also a former midwife, so she helped explain to us what we were looking at.  Off they went on a run, and off we went to see Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! with my mom.

Before we left for dinner, we made sure to tell my mom that the Bean was coming, and she shrieked so loud, I thought my ears were going to burst!  (She's effusive, my mom)  Apparently, she had noticed that I wasn't drinking, but thought I might just be trying to lose weight (Which wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's off the table for now).  We also informed my sister that she was going to be an aunt, since she was at my mom's place.

But the excitement didn't stop there!  Friday, I left LB to go to Oregon for my grandmother's 85th birthday, along with my mom, sister, uncle, and cousins.  So, after that trip, my close-ish family all knew, and LB was left with the task of telling her side of the family.  That, apparently, is too much to ask my love to do on her own, because I came home to discover that no one else knew since I left on Friday.  So, this evening, we called LB's grandma and grampa to tell them (as she points out, that's not the kind of news you email to folks their age), and then sent out an all-family email to notify the relatives that the hand-knits will be needed.

I'm not built for this kind of excitement, and have been completely wiped out since Thursday, despite napping most days.  Luckily, telling folks means I now have an iron-clad excuse to bow out of obligations and take a nap anytime.