Who are we?

Frankncents and LB, inc. (since 2009)

Why "inc"?  Because in the great state of Washington, domestic partnerships are registered with the secretary of state, corporations division.  Since we haven't done any of the appropriate rituals to be considered "married," we are a corporation.  Without business cards (so far).

Together since 2002, we started off with the cat (Lionel) and a tiny apartment.  in 2009, we upgraded to a real house, got a pug (Olive), and are ready to expand the family.  Until then, we are limiting ourselves to the two pets and expanding our garden when we want to raise something new :-P

We work and live in Seattle, WA, and can't imagine living anywhere else.  LB and I are both elementary school teachers, which we consider to be a very fun, very exhausting, and very intense way to make a living.  We won't be using our real names on this blog, so please keep that in mind if you know us IRL :)

Frankncents does most of the blogging, but keep an eye out for LB!

Wondering why there are so many songs (and why there is ZERO connection between the songs chosen)?  Frankncents is a music teacher, and harbors a lingering fantasy to have a soundtrack for her entire life.  Choosing the perfect song to represent each and every step of this journey is the closest she will get to realizing her dream.  Also, it allows her to revisit the many dark corners of the iTunes library, searching for the perfect title or lyric.