Saturday, August 21, 2010


by Martha and the Vandellas

It's like a heatwave/ Burnin' in my heart/ Can't keep from cryin'/ It's tearin' me apart

In the land-locked portions of the continent, temperatures of 90 degrees may be commonplace, even unremarkable.  In the coastal, temperate Seattle, however, such temperatures send us running for the hills (metaphorically, in this case).  In our little purple house, we have no air-conditioning, and only 2 fans, so the week of elevated temperatures hit us like a ton of bricks.  A super-heated, stifling ton of bricks.  After a few nights of poor sleep, we scrounged up a couple of window fans from LB's family, and set up camp in The Bean's future room, which stays slightly cooler.  LB, being the gracious lady she is, let me take the twin bed we have set up in there, and she slept on another mattress on the floor.  Our pug took advantage of the floor bed to snuggle up to LB all night, while the cat found shelter in the cool basement.  After two nights in this setup, it cooled down enough to move back into our bedroom with the window fan running, and we have now returned to the usual array of blankets and pillows. 

The downside of returning to our usual temperate clime is that back pain, not the heat, is now keeping me up at night.   Somewhere during our European adventure in July, I started having hip/back pain while walking.  I figured I was walking too much, or perhaps walking poorly, and didn't think too much of it.  Now, the pain has become nearly constant, and is interfering with rolling over at night, standing up, and picking things up from the floor.  The search for a way to end the back pain is on!

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